How Can Care Worker In Residential Home Communicate The Service User?


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If the service user has any issues regarding his/her ability to communicate then there are many models you can use. Look up  or Carl Rogers Core Conditions which help to promote effective communication. It is important to remove any barriers which may affect the ability to communicate (e.g. Noise, privacy etc.). You can paraphrase with the client, always maintain eye contact, use proper tones and language (avoid using jargon). Remember, in communication, only a small percent of it is verbal. Be careful with body language and be transparent. Clients can very easily spot someone who is hiding behind a mask! Use appropriate gestures like nodding and recalling what they say. If the client has trouble talking, then use pictures or spelling boards. It is important to do this as it helps to promote choice which is essential for care workers. For example, when offering meals, do not just choose for people who cannot communicate verbally. Use pictures of the items on offer.

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