What Is The Size Of Battalion?


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A battalion mainly consists of two to six companies which are commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel. The term battalion is used in various fields such as Infantry, Intelligence Corps, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and the Royal Army Medical Corps.

The hierarchy in a battalion are:-
Commanding Officer (Lieutenant Colonel)
Quarter master (Captain or Major)
Adjutant (Captain or Major)
Second – in – command
Regimental Medical Officer
Regimental Administrative Officer
Regimental Sergeant Major
Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant
Regimental Intelligence officer
Regimental Signal officer
Chief Clerk
Pipe Major
Drum Major.

A battalion is a very small unit (smallest military unit) which can handle small operations independently. Normally a small battalion is a part of brigade or a regiment. The battalion normally contains anti-tank, machine guns, Reconnaissance platoons, mortars and pioneer platoons.

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