What Is The Level Of Production In A Restaurant?


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The three levels of production in a business
subsistence is the production of basic human wants and needs
domestic is the creation of goods by resources of nature
and surplus is where goods are produced at a surplus level(more than needed) and exported to other countries

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Keeping consumers happy means delivering what they want: Taste, quality, convenience and value for money. This means changing as they change and anticipating their new tastes

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what type of production can be used in a resturant

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The level of production varies from restaurant to restaurant. Factors that would influence it could be:-

  • the equipment available for cooking;

  • the ingredients available for cooking;

  • the storage capacity for cooked food;

  • the daily visitors of the restaurant;

  • the number of chefs hired by the restaurant; and,

  • the quality of management in the restaurant.
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It varies depending upon the quality of the restaurant.  Some time it is low, sometimes higher. So nothing can be said what is the production level.

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