How Big Is An Army Division?


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A major-general is the commander of a division of the British army. A division consists of three infantry, mechanised and/or armoured brigade units and supporting units. At present, the British Army has five active divisions.

The First (UK) Armoured Division in Germany comprises the 4th Armoured Brigade, the 7th Armoured Brigade, the 20th Armoured Brigade, the 102nd Armoured Brigade and the 4th (Czech) Rapid Deployment Brigade.
The 4th Armoured Brigade will become a Mech Bde and move to Catterick Garrison in 2008.

The Second Division, the Army in the North, is headquartered in Edinburgh. It comprises the 15th (North East) Brigade, the 42nd (North West) Brigade, the 51st Scottish Brigade and the 52nd Infantry Brigade.

The 52nd Infantry Brigade will join the Third Division in April 2007. The Third (UK) Mechanised Division is headquartered at Tidworth. It comprises the 1 Mechanised Brigade, the 12 Mechanised Brigade and the 19 Light Brigade.
The 52nd Infantry Brigade will join the operational command of the Third Division in April 2007.

The Fourth Division is headquartered at Aldershot. It comprises the 2nd (South East) Brigade, the 49th (East) Brigade, the 145th (Home Counties) Brigade, London District and the 16th (Air Assault) Brigade. The Fifth Division–Wales, West and South West–is headquartered at Shrewsbury. It comprises the 43rd (Wessex) Brigade (South West England), the 143rd (West Midlands) Brigade (West Midlands) and the 160th (Wales) Brigade (Wales).

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