Where Can I Find A Nursing Competency Test With Answers?


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You should try NurseTesting.com. We have used them for over 3 years and they do a terrific job. They also are very connected with the Joint Commission and follow very strict standards that meet the Dept of Labor requirements on using exams as part of screening or hiring. We also started using their e-Signature product for all of our employment forms. We now don't have any mailing or Fedex costs because everything gets signed online by our candidates and it meets the Federal e-Signature rules. Very cool!

Hope that helps.


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You might find the Nursing Competency Test With Answers on some sites but they are not authentic; because there is no official site which is providing Nursing Competency practice test along with answers.

For guidance and preparation you can get good books like "Competency Exam Preparation and Review for Nursing Assistants" which will assist you in clearing your exam. You can get such books at reasonable prices form Amazon, eBay etc.

Best of luck :)

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