What Percentage Of My Salary Can I Expect Unemployment To Pay?


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There are several credit cards with a 500 dollar credit limit available to Americans. However, there are requirements as to who is able to get a credit card with a 500 dollar limit, especially if it is not a prepaid credit card (like the ones offered by Capital One).

In order to obtain a 500 dollar limit, you must have at least an average credit history. If you have any serious outstanding credit strike against you, your application will be pretty much immediately halted, and you will be directed toward a prepaid option.

Of course, the particular credit limit a customer is granted for a credit card depends on the customer’s pre-existing credit. Even if your income qualifies you for a 2000 dollar credit limit, a bad credit score will bring the limit available to you down significantly. 

If you’re a student, most of the major credit card companies offer an option geared toward the student lifestyle. The credit limit of such cards often begins at 500 dollars.

As 500 dollars is generally not a very high credit limit, many of the cards offered by the major credit companies with this limit are for beginning or remedial credit purposes.
Beginning or remedial credit cards are easier to obtain, so it probably makes more sense to apply for one of these, rather than a credit card with a limit starting at 500 dollars.

But as long as your credit is good, you can get a credit card with a 500 dollar limit from any of the major credit card providers in the United States, including Visa, MasterCard and Capital One. The best way to go about getting a credit card through any major company is to get it through your bank, if possible.
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Unemployment compensation usually pays between 48% -52% of your monthly salary... For example, if your monthly salary is currently $2,309/month...your UI benefits will be approximately $267 - $275 per week.  The greatest factor is your highest, quarterly earnings...  If you know what that amount is, you can go online, get a UI Benefits Table document, and look up your weekly benefit amount.
Hope this helps!
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If I make $576 a week what percentage unemployment would I get
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I make $600.00 every two weeks I live in Va how much unemployment will I collect?
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I make 1,030.00 a month how of a percentage of my pay would I get and how long does this last.  I live in ILL
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If I make 300 a week what percent unemployment would I get
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You will make much less than $9 per hour if you collect unemployment insurance and do not work a part-time job. You will receive approximately 35 percent of your current salary. If your salary was in a higher bracket, the percentage received will be even lower. If you take a look at this site, you will see that most people in Texas receive less than $300 per week from unemployment compensation.
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I would suggest you to take up the part time job if it is feasible for you to do so. You can make more savings, and later on start depending on unemployment. It is never a regret to be motivated to work more.

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