Where Can I Buy A Fur Coat In London?


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Buying a fur Coat in London is like buying wine in Paris. London is one of the fashion capitals of the world, and you'll be likely to find the fur coat that's just right for you. This is especially the case since the rise of vintage fashion shops (although faux-fur may be more a-la-mode in this animal-rights loving circle).

Buying a fur coat in London
Shopping? London? Two words...Oxford Street.
You don't have to know the streets of London like a black cab driver to know that the heart of the town is Oxford Street when it comes to clothes shopping.
Major department stores like House of Fraser and Debenhams are likely to stock fur on their rails, and you can always sample the more ethical faux-fur designs of both Miss Selfridge and Topshop.
Up-market fur coats
Just off Oxford Street, at the often-congested crossing in front of Bond Street tube station you'll find up-market fur trader Furs of Mayfair, who offer a range of quality products. Alternatively, you could head to the boutique-lined streets of Knightsbridge, where the main shopping attractions are the super-luxury stores Harrods and Harvey Nichols.
Vintage fur coats in London
One final suggestion would be to check out one of London's many vintage stores. This type of 'thrift' fashion is becoming ever more popular amongst trendy Londoners, and shops like Annie's Vintage Clothing in Islington has reportedly been frequented by the likes of Kate Moss and Alexander McQueen. Although vintage shops can be a bit hit and miss on the fur coat front, they're still worth visiting for the bargains you might find.
Other popular vintage destinations include Rokit, who have stores in Covent Garden, Brick Lane and Camden, as well as the chic Beyond Retro who operate out of Soho and Shoreditch.
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Oxford street

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Phillip Hockley store is just fabulous for good furs - they have a website and I really do race=mend them. Good luck!

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