How To Ask My Boss For Holiday Leave?


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Below are a few simple ways you could approach asking your boss for a holiday with suggestions on how to get on to, and return to, the topic with ease:

  • First, start with a compliment about how well he/she looks or how well a project is going etc. (perhaps comment on how well they look after returning from their own recent holiday)
  • This leads on to how you can talk about how you are feeling; despite the good sales figures or results you have been achieving in your work, your productivity has reached a bit of a plateau and or is even declining because you are feeling s exhausted at the moment.
  • You could either continue the conversation from this starting point or leave them with these thoughts and return to the subject later in the day or perhaps, if more convenient, later in the week.
  • When you return to the subject you could begin by asking if your boss remembers your earlier conversation about feeling so exhausted recently. This will give you a natural opportunity to say that although you could visit your doctor to see what he recommends, you feel that a better alternative to taking sick leave would be to book a little holiday which you feel would re-charge your batteries and enable you to go full steam ahead with that new project your boss has lined up for you (or for your department) in the near future.

Whatever you do and whatever you say, say it with a smile, with confidence and with sincerity. You have the best interests of the company at heart and want to be a committed and hard worker. Could your boss ever refuse? Please note that this answer is not suggesting that you lie about your health in order to persuade your employee. Rather it should be requested because you really do work as hard as possible for your company.

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