What Are The Potential Benefits And Drawbacks Of A Test That Attempts To Measure Skills, Abilities, Or Traits?


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Nowadays, personality tests and aptitude tests are becoming more and more important for the Human Resource departments in organizations while recruiting people for jobs. These tests have both benefits and drawbacks.


The aptitude test can reveal a person’s knowledge and intelligence to some extent which helps in making the recruitment decision. By testing a person and coming to know some of his personality traits, it is easier to see if the person would be suitable for a particular job. These tests can help in revealing a person’s interests and abilities. Personality tests are very useful in finding people with a certain personality that is right for a particular job.

Some of the personality traits which are not defined by the test would not be revealed and thus the analysis of the personality will not be complete. Some people don’t perform well in tests, so these people will not have the opportunity even if they have the experience for a job. There have been some cases in which the use of personality has not been justified properly which means that they are not completely reliable and don't guarantee a person's ability to do a job . Sometimes experience is more important than personality. So in such cases personality tests can act as an obstacle.

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