What Food Should A Pregnant Gorilla Eat?


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The truth is that a gorilla's actual diet won't change very much during pregnancy- what will change is the amount of food involved.

A female will need to consume a larger amount to account for the extra burden on her system.

What is a pregnant gorillas diet?

As gorillas are predominantly herbivorous creatures, their diet mainly consists of:

  • Leaves
  • Buds,
  • Barks of trees
  • Fruits
Their diet takes care of their water intake as well, so they do not usually drink any more water than they get from eating the parts of plants.

It is equally important, if not more important, that the pregnant gorilla gets a sufficient amount of sleep to go along with its diet. Rest is as important as the food intake for both the mother gorilla and the baby to remain healthy, happy and problem-free.

Food that pregnant gorillas should eat

Pregnant gorillas obviously need more food than their male counterparts or other female gorillas who are not expecting.

Usually the gorilla consumes about 27 kilograms of food a day on average, but this could be more depending on the individual needs on the expecting female gorilla. It is essential that she eats a balanced and healthy diet, so that the young one in the womb can get sufficient nourishment and come out in the best of health.
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what should you feed pregnant gorillas

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They eat mainly roots, browse from trees and fruit. In captivity they have a 70% root vegtable diet with supplements, mixed with a little fruit. They also are partial to a baked potato and fruit tea (in winter) and frozen fruit in ice blocks (in summer). Mostly its like to eat vegtables so I suggest you vegetarian diet through this you get more results aboutwhat is a vegetarian diet ?

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It's probably not the wisest decision to approach any wild animal at all let alone a pregnant one!
They instinctively know what to eat anyway.

As for a pregnant gorilla, unless you have a Jane Goodall way with them, you should just let them eat their berries and leaves and do so from a safe distance.

If you are a handler at a zoo or sanctuary then follow their daily feeding instructions.

If you've got a pregnant gorilla in your back yard well, good luck with that one!
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That doesnt answer the question and nobody's gonna have a gorilla in their back yard, let alone a pregnant one

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