What Are The Work Life Conflicts Faced By Working Women In Pakistan?


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In most of the Asian countries, the societies are male dominated societies which create a lot of problems for the women in various fields of life. The women who are working in various professions are the main sufferers of these problems. There are various ways in which women are facing conflicts in such societies like in Pakistan.

For example, in the decision making process, the innovative and creative ideas of women are ignored. They are not given good positions because it is considered that they are weak and they cannot make good decisions. Women in Pakistan also face problems like sexual abuses and physical harassment. When they want to work their conservative families do not allow them to work.

They have less job opportunities because they are considered to be married in the near future. Society also looks down upon the working women. Enthusiastic political women are not given as much respect and honor which they deserve. I think gender discrimination is the major conflict which all of the women not only in Pakistan but in various other countries of the world are facing.

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