Different Methods You Can Use To Obtain The Names And Numbers Of People That You Have To Make Contact With?


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It can be really annoying if you know someone's name and need to get in contact with them desperately. Finding their number over the Internet is actually possible thanks to modern technology but it can be rather difficult to do sometimes. However it can be done. Below are some instructions on how you can try and track down someone's phone number.

  • Step one. The first thing for you to do is to type in the name of the person you wish to contact into a search engine such as Google. If you are lucky then you will be returned with a result that includes their full name, address and telephone number. Often the number that is mentioned in the search engine will be their mobile phone because a lot of people don't have a landline.
  • Step two. If other people you are friends with know the person's number you are looking for then you could try asking around and seeing if any of them can pass the number onto you. If you do this then make sure that they are alright with their number being passed on. You can be sure of this by asking your friend to check that it is alright.
  • Step three. Use a site such as to do a reverse cell phone number search using the person's name. Although this option might give you a chance of finding out the number, there will probably be a charge for this.
  • Step four. If you have a Facebook, MySpace or Twitter account then you could try searching for them on these websites as an alternative way of getting in touch with them. If you do find them, confirm it is them by looking at their profile picture and then send them a message explaining who you are and how you have met in the past and why you are trying to contact them.

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