Cabin Crew Interview."Why Are You Interested Working For Us?" Can You Please Help Me To Answer It Correctly? Thank You


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I feel I have something to offer the company a long the lines of growth and productivity......
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Try looking up the specific company on the internet to find out what in particular their ethics are. If they are looking for people who work well as a team  or that can lead a team. Write down some keywords you think of like team player
well presented
good people skills
good communicator
helpful and friendly
etc etc and then turn those things into why you are interested in working for them specifically... By explaining that that is what you are good at and that's why you want to work for them in particular because they have the ethics you are looking for in a job... Sorry that was quite waffly.... Hope it helped a bit.

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just throw all your rubbish thought away deal the situation with your moral power and truth telling....

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