How To Write A Work Experience Certificate For A Doctor?


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Basically, what you are writing is a letter of reference for the doctor. It means that you need to include their skills, intelligence, and work habits in the body of the letter to help attest that they have the necessary skills required for the new job. The difference between an actual letter of reference and just a work experience certificate is the length. In general, the certificate is just one concise paragraph.
Begin the letter with the date in the top right corner; skip a line and type to whom it may concern unless you know the person’s name who will receive it. It can also be beneficial to leave it unspecific so the doctor can reuse it for other opportunities should they wish to in the future.
You should explain why you are writing on the person’s behalf and state the person’s full name. Describe the person’s work that they did for you and their exact job title. Also give exact dates for when they worked for you. Be sure to include character and work habits. Be positive and as specific as you possibly can. Also use phrases and words that will be memorable that will really point out the merits of this person. There should be one sentence of closing based on your thoughts about the employee such as he or she will be successful in any endeavour they are part of. Close the letter with a proper salutation like regards or sincerely. You should put your name underneath. Then print out the letter on a company letterhead. Make sure you sign it with your signature leaving a space between the salutation and your name.
You do not have to put in your personal information, but make sure the business name is on the letterhead along with contact information.

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