Describe An Occasion When You Have Had To Remain Calm Under Pressure. Why Was It Necessary To Do So And What Could Have Been The Consequences Of Not Remaining Calm? *


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Well, It's been my experience that it's best to remain calm when under pressure, stress only adds to the son was born with Gastroschisis, a condition where his intestines were formed on the outside of his body, he has had multiple surgeries to fix this and he is 10 years old and doing fine now...but It was very difficult for my husband and I to remain calm , but we had to for our sons sake....our son seeing us calm, helped him to cope
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Once  my teacher in the colleague ask me answer grammar question and I was confused and l couldn't and she started shouting at me and insult me ,but I remained calm .
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Remaining calm under pressure is a valuable trait which is why employers often ask this question.  They want to know if you can tell them of a situation where you successfully remained calm despite adverse circumstances so they can gauge your ability to handle stressful situations.  It's good to pick an example from your life where you triumphed from remaining calm - which shouldn't be difficult as most people tend to be much more level-headed and clear thinking when they're calm.  The consequences of not remaining calm can vary from instigating panic in others around you to making illogical or ill-thought-through decisions in the heat of the moment.

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