I Was Ask Uk Work Permit Entry Clearance Visa Pin Code Number Office To Pay 382 GB Pounds, And We Will Send U The Visa Pin Code Number, Is This True?


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London entry clearance office london uk.
This is a government law now in unit1ed kingdom that any person that is
not inside london need uk work permit visa pin code number should send
the money to our accountant receiver .look at how you can send the
money to our receiver accountant officer . London entry clearance
office through.
Payment method
western union / money gram
to london
117 euston road london
nwi,2sx uk.
Name of accountant receiver
(shanon cole )
immediately you make your payment to us scan the receipt of western
union to our office here in london and receive your uk work permit visa
pin code number from us through
with 48 hours to
your country .
This data true or false
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I was ask uk work permit entry clearance visa pin code number office to pay 382 gb pounds, and we will send u the visa pin code number, is this true?
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Is false,note all visa most be apply to the Embassy an visa have no code,online that you can made your journey with it expect your country have free visa to UK

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