List Three Reasons Why It Is Important To Work In A Healthy, Safe And Hygienic Way?


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There are numerous reasons why it is important to work in a healthy, safe and hygienic work environment.

One of the reasons it is important to work in a healthy work environment is that, healthier workers are able to get more work done as will feel better. Due to being healthier workers will need less time of work meaning that the work force is not depleted by individuals being ill. Furthermore healthy work environment create a positive image to both employees and customers, meaning not only more work being done, but more work being gained, due to the positive image that customers get which will make them want to return.

Important reasons for working in a safe working environment are quite simple. Dangerous work environment s can lead to increased risks and accidents within the work place. These can lead to lawsuits and employees not wishing to work within the environment anymore. Therefore it is important that the work environment is safe to work, which is usually the case in most work environments within the United Kingdom due to the increased drive on health and safety regulations. Which in some places have even been said to be slightly over the top.

Hygienic work environments are extremely important and link significantly to a healthy work environment. It is important to follow basic simple hygiene rules, such as washing hands, in a work place as the laps in following such rules can lead to the spread of disease and bacteria which can make the work force ill. Hygiene is even more important in work environment s such a hospitals and food producing work places. The spread of bacteria in such places can lead to huge out breaks of illness, such as the salmonella outbreak in vegetables shipped in from German bean sprout farms or the MRSA super bug that is thought to have been created in hospitals where the hygiene was lacking.
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