List The Benefits Of Consulting With Workers About OHS Issues?


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There are many benefits in consulting with workers over Occupational Health and Safety issues - chiefly since it is workers that are mainly effected by the issue. OHS issues apply across the board in every industry, but whilst there are general guidelines that apply to every workplace, the individual differences from job to job have to be addressed. The issues that are relevant to a science laboratory are totally different to those on a building site.

By discussing the issues with a workforce, a dialog can be established that is mutually beneficial. Some workers may feel that certain rules are restrictive to them going about their job, however by explaining the reasoning behind them a greater understanding can be obtained. When a rule is explained to someone it is easier to understand than simply being notified and told to implement a protocol.

Opening up a consultation with workers will bring to the attention of management any issues that can be unique to a certain workplace. By looking into these matters at an early stage and dealing with the issues, a better understanding between workers and management can be established. When workers feel they are in a restrictive regime, it has a knock-on effect on the quality of their work.

Equally, where there is an understanding and awareness of issues, and an easy to use means of communicating, a positive environment can be created which benefits both workers and management. Reviewing these matters on a regular basis and having formal and informal ways of communicating, all contributes towards a more productive workplace and helps take away suspicions from either side.

Ensuring there is understanding on these matters creates a positive working environment. Showing flexibility and taking a common sense approach to these matters is essential and shows that management take a real interest in their workforce; creating a safe environment that doesn't compromise how they carry out their duties.

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