Why Do You Want To Join A Recruitment Firm Or A Consultancy?


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Reasons to join Recruitment Firm -

More opportunities - Recruitment Firms provide many more opportunities for career choices, progression won’t be based on your qualifications or how long you have been at the company. If you work hard you progress fast.

Secure Career - We will consider the fact that the recruitment industry is heavily soaked, a successful recruiter can quickly climb the career ladder and secure his/her career.

Consultative Access - You are not just selling a product, you are consulting with clients to find out what they need to make their business grow and help them to find the right people to do that.

Global opportunities - A good recruiter has plenty of options. If moving abroad permanently is your goal then recruitment is the career choice for you. This is particularly true for global recruitment companies such as Networkers where consultants are given the opportunity to work abroad.
Measurable performance - In recruitment, this is very easy to measure work performance. Meanwhile, this doesn’t suit everyone, many thrive on the competitive environment and the ability to measure themselves against competitors and colleagues.

The thrill of success - Nothing beats the buzz when you have successfully placed as a candidate. The client is happy, the candidate is happy. It can be very rewarding to know that you have helped move someone’s career forward.

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Because I get a challenging environment and can learn all the core concepts of recruitment
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I don't

did you get this from a questionnaire?

If so, then tell them why you want that particular job - pick out aspects of it (from the job advertisement) that appeal to you (and don't say anything crass like the salary or the fact that they have nice offices which are an easy commute from your home)

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