What Are The Personality Traits Of A Secretary?


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A secretary should:

  • Be goal oriented
  • Be pragmatic
  • Be efficient
  • Be meticulous
  • Be loyal
  • Have leadership qualities
Goal Orientation:
A secretary will need to have a balance of cautiousness and assertiveness and be comfortable and at ease within the working environment. He or she will have to screen visitors and calls and often deal with office matters in a self-sufficient way. He or she should possess goals and ambitions but at the same time not be overly competitive.

A secretary should be a practical and logical thinker and possess high levels of discretion. They should share any information succinctly and be both friendly and professional.  

A secretary should possess strong prioritization and organizational skills and needs to be able to handle routine and repetitious tasks.

A secretary should be deeply committed to quality work and be respectful of rules, procedures and protocol. Paying attention to anything that is said and following it through as instructed is vitally important in the workplace.

A secretary should show commitment to the workplace and superiors and work as a dedicated member of the office team. This might include working extra hours.

A secretary must feel comfortable delegating work, offering feedback, providing direction and taking charge within the office workplace. This might include dealing with conflict in a diplomatic way.

The key qualities of a successful secretary are therefore:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Honesty
  • Reliability
  • Helpfulness
  • Confidentiality

A secretary should possess the following skills in particular:
  • Organizational skills
  • An immaculate appearance
  • Good phone etiquette
  • Good communications skills
  • The ability in taking instructions and carrying them out
  • Being able to type accurately and speedily
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In addition to a good Secretary of the skilled use of computers and drafting of various documents, but also should have good communication skills, organizational skills, coordination, ability to judge, vision, a certain degree of decision-making ability and resourcefulness.
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A secretary may have good orginazational skill, and listens well.

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