What Is Cultural Dimension Of Learning, Teaching And Educational Processes?


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The cultural dimension of learning, teaching and educational processes refers to the differences in educational methods used in varying cultures. A cultural dimension could include learning about the history of the local area, avoiding certain subject areas and studying topics that are less commonly covered in other regions. It is an idea that is difficult to understand without a few examples and explanations; some of these are outlined below.
  • Religion
Religion is often a big part of learning in terms of considering a cultural dimension. Different cultures have differing attitudes to religion, and indeed to various religions. In most school in the UK, the United States of America and other developed countries, students are taught about a range of religions - even those who attend a school with a religious learning. In other schools - for instance, those in the Middle East - only one religion may be taught and students will be encouraged to follow this religion; it will be taught as fact rather than opinion. Other educational institutions in the world will avoid the teaching of religion all together.
  • History
Cultural dimensions of different areas are apparent in history, as in most schools history will be based on what has happened in the home country of the students. Therefore the study of history varies from country to country; even region to region. Some schools do, however, provide a broad teaching of world history.

  • Subject areas
Often, educational institutions in different countries will teach a very different range of subjects. In some schools, three languages may be taught from a young age all at once, whilst other schools will simply provide the option of studying a language in high school. Various educational institutions will teach boys and girls differently, although this practice is dying out.
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