If You Could Form Your Own Government, How Would You Set It Up?


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Like dominoes, standing upright in a labyrinthine, the way the government is today. However, when, and if the time time came when circumstances became so abhorrent, all we would have to do is just flick the first in line and everyone would topple in kind. We could then restructure and hope for better outcomes with the newly designed "Setup."
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I think I'd go for a Republic, but a truer one than what the United States is now. Couple of key changes though: There would be no president; total power would be distributed evenly amongst a cabinet. I'd do away with the electoral college and make a majority of the voting by referendum.
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Well you have already eliminated my ideal form of government a military dictatorship. But I have always been a big fan of Napoleon. I would still be the emperor for life with my son assuming power on my death but I would have the Randian Code which would be superior to any legal system man has ever seen. Which would be something similar to the Napoleonic Code. But really no form of government will ever be perfect as long as people are running it. The power structure of the world is now so tightly ingrained that no form of government can stand against it. Politics will always be synonimous with corruption. That is why a government ran by me would be the worlds greatest option ....because I am incorruptable......
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Joe B.
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Hmmmm well if I had my own government I could see us fighting someday down the road LOL
Jack Mahon
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Sir Randy my lord, on your path to becoming the grand Poobah, a word of advice. Steer clear of the trail to Waterloo.
Merlin Paine
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No I will just avoid an Invasion of Russia and Waterloo will be a cake walk. Even with the whole world against me...as they were at Waterloo
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I don't know but I would be happy to make tons of money

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