What Would Happen If Members Of Parliament Were Paid To Serve The Government?


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You don't say which Parliament you are referring to, but in the UK, Members of Parliament are paid a salary (along with expenses, and generous pension contributions from the Exchequer).

MPs' salaries have been frozen since 2010, though there is due to be a public consultation on whether to give them a 1% increase some time this year (in 2013).

Ministers are paid more than ordinary Members of Parliament, by way of supplemental salaries in addition to their basic MPs' salaries.

The rates of pay for Members of Parliament and Ministers, as from 1 April 2010, are as follows:
  • Members of Parliament: £65,738 per year.
  • Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State: £89,435 per year.
  • Minister of State: £98,740 per year.
  • Cabinet Minister: £134,565 per year.
  • Prime Minister: £142,500 per year.
Other holders of Parliamentary offices also receive supplemental salaries, such as the Chairs of Select Committees, and the Speaker of the House of Commons. He is currently paid £141,504 per year - almost as much as the Prime Minister.

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