How To Lance A Cyst And Drain It?


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Before you consider lancing your cyst, I'd recommend seeking medical advice.

Certain types of cysts will just fill up with fluid again once they've been drained (which is why some doctors refuse to drain them in the first place).

Also, depending on the location of the cyst, you also risk doing permanent damage to the nerves, tendons and tissue that surround the lump.

How to lance and drain a cyst If you're determined to take a DIY approach, then the key thing to remember is sterilization.

Lancing a cyst is best done with a thoroughly-sterilized needle. The process is rather painful, which is another reason why people generally leave the procedure to medical professionals.

If you don't want to make things a whole lot worse by getting your cyst infected, I'd recommend using some sort of antibacterial wipe to clean the area.

You'll also need to disinfect the implement you're using to lance your cyst - an antibacterial product coupled with hot water might be the ideal solution to bathe the needle in, before you use it.

Using a hot towel to 'steam' the area might also reduce swelling of the cyst, before you perforate it.
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You should not do this because it requires sterilized blade, razor or knife.

Incision should also be up to certain limits. So, it will be better to visit a doctor for this purpose.

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