What Are Major Components Of Database Management System?


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A Database Management System (DBMS) is defined as a software package that contains computer programs that can control the creation, maintenance and also the use of any database.

There are five major components of any database management system. These are: A DBMS engine, a Data Definition Subsystem, a Data Manipulation Subsystem, an Application Generation Subsystem and a Data Administration Subsystem.

A DBMS engine is the part of the system that accepts and deals with logical requests that are received from a variety of other DBMS subsystems. It then works to convert them into physical equivalents and will then gain access to the database along with its data dictionary as they are on a storage device.

A Data Definition Subsystem has a simple but useful purpose to assist the user in creating and keeping up with the data dictionary. It also helps to define the structure of any file that is contained within the database.

A Data Manipulation Subsystem is another part of the system that helps the user. It helps them to add, change and delete any data within the database. It also deals with any requests for valuable information. Software tools that exist within the Data Manipulation Subsystem are usually the primary interface between the user and the information in the database that they are trying to access. The Data Manipulation Subsystem allows the user to be specific with their information requirements.

An Application Generation Subsystem is the part of the system that contains all the facilities that could be used to help the user develop transaction intensive applications. This procedure will usually require the user to perform complex and detailed tasks to complete the transaction. This is where the Application Generation Subsystem comes in useful as it provides easy to use screens where you enter the data, programming languages and interfaces.

A Data Administration Subsystem is there to help users with managing the overall database environment. It does this by providing facilities that give the user options for backup and recovery of lost data, managing the system's security, query optimization, concurrency control and change management.

A Managent Information System relies on three separate aspects to ensure the smooth running of a business or organisation, these are: People, technology and information.

While all three are essential to the success of even survival of a business, the people are always the most important whether it be staff, customers, consultants or freelancers. Without the correct people involved in a business or organisation, neither of the other two aspects of the management system can exist let alone function correctly.

Until relatively recently, any management method was always carried out manually, on paper and in person, now with the advent of technology, in particular the interconnectivity of computers has allowed information to be distributed much quicker and much more efficiently than ever before. It is likely that any business will have their own intranet set up to liaise with other members of stuff exclusively without having to worry about private data being exposed to external sources.

As the intranet is only accessible by members of staff, it is synced up and connected to all the individual computers. The intranet will typically contain a number of sensitive items including company policy, contact details for all the employees in the company, expenses sheets, employee handbooks and online training.

Online handbooks are an essential part of an intranet system because it allows the user access to find out all the policies of the company. It covers a lot of the basic stuff that you need in a company including general health and safety, procedures and employment grievances.
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There are Four major components of database system :-

1. Data
2. Harware
3. Software
4. Users
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A Management Information System is basically a system that is designed to analyze the information from other systems and then apply it to operational level. It is a planned system that facilitates collection, processing, storage and dissemination of data which is required for carrying out the four functions of management.

Normal computers are used in a Management Information System. There are a number of computers that are connected through a type of network usually an intranet. It is also supported by a database software. 

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Chuck norris is the main component... Duh
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Identify components of a database.

_____ are designed to correct a lack of communications among
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The major components of Database Managment Systems are: 
Data is the most important component of this system which is the piece of information stored in tables. All manupulation is done with the data. It is stored in tables and then different queries are used to manage and manipulate the data. On can even generate reports to show the results of manipulated data and see the data stored in the database (i.e Tables...).
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There is a difference between a database system and a database management system.T he components given here seems more of database system than database management system.
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You but under the data management system only
Microsoft Acess (Database) comes.So Access is one I guess.

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