Letter for emergency leave for father's sickness?


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If you are looking to get an emergency letter of leave for your father's sickness to ensure that he still gets his pay from work and doesn't get the sack. There are several things you can do. These include:

  • Getting in touch with his doctor

You may have to get your dad to specifically do this, unless the doctors know that he is unable to do it alone. You will need to get a written letter from his doctor and send it to his place of employment to prove that he is genuinely sick. If you, for some reason, cannot get in touch with his doctors, you could try another option. Remember that you will probably need him present when you go and pick up the sick note from the doctor.

  • Write an emergency one yourself

If you, for some reason, cannot get in touch with the doctors and desperately need to send in a sick note for your dad, you could write one yourself to tell them of his current illness and explain your circumstances. If he is generally a trustworthy character at his place of work, this should be fine. Otherwise, you could perhaps ask another professional to write a letter to explain that he is actually unwell. You could just promise a letter from the doctors in time. This should be sufficient to ensure that he still gets his pay.

  • Visit the hospital or out of hours doctors

If you are really desperate to get hold of an emergency leave letter for your father, you may need to take him to an out of hours doctors for an appointment to obtain it. Alternatively, you could show the place where he works any correspondence from the hospital or doctors from appointments, even prescriptions could get you off the hook.
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The Principal,
Pakistan International School, Jeddah.
Subject;Sick Leave Application.
  With due to respect, I would like to inform you that I am not feeling well today,
kindly grant me leave for one day.I shall be very thankful to you.
  Thank you.
Yours obediently,
Name;Naima Faizan
Class;7 A
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The principal,
Sub. Application for sick leave.
With due respect , I would like to inform you that I can suffering from fever from (dd/mm/yy) to (dd/mm/yy) so I am unable to attend the college.
I requested therefore,to kindly grant me
leave for those days. I shall be very thankful to you. For this
Yours obediently,
name.   Harry
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DATE:1st JULY 2009

STUDENT NAME: Saxena Mitchel Peter

Matric No.: DMGQEF08090051

Student address: 205,KPG Siol Kandis,
93050,Petra Jaya,


Mr.Andy Jublin

Please excuse my daughter,SAXENA MITCHEL PETER for being absent from your class on the days of
29th JUNE 2009 (Monday) because she was suffering from a severe fever and was unable to attend class.

Thank you for your consideration.
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                The Principal,
                (school name),
                (city name ).

Subject:  Grant of Sick Leave.

Respected Sir/Madam;
                              It is stated that I have been ill with fever
since last night and am unable to attend the school.
                             I requested therefore,to kindly grant me
leave for today only.I shall be very thankful to you.For this
act of kindness.
                                                       Yours obediently,


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To principal
silver mountain school
  application for leave..
Dear sir,
  with the homble riquest,I will like to ask you grant me live for 2days.that I was not able to atten in clas due to dirrher
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Respected Sir,
Since I was not keeping well due to high fever, I was unable to attend the office on ... I, therefore request you to regularize my absence and grant me ..... Day Medical Leave . Necessary Medical certificate is enclosed herewith.

Thanking you.
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How to write an application requesting his father's absence due to work at the time of admission test

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You can write a simple letter like this:

This is to inform you that I will on leave from 28th to 29th  Apr'14
due to My father Operation with limited access to mails.

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The Director

Sub: Request for medical leave

Dear Sir,

I have been suffering from fever since saturday 5th, thus not be able to attend my classes.
I, therefore, request you that medical leave may kindly be granted to me till my recovery.
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Dear Registrar,

I am writing this letter to request permission to take a temporary break in my status as a student here at (Name of) University in order to recover from (name of your illness). I anticipate that it will take me (length of time) to recover from this illness, at which time I will be resuming my studies.

Please let me know what steps I need to take in order to request temporary suspension of my student status, and then to be reinstated.


(Your Name)
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