What are the external factors affecting human resource development?


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To be able to examine the external factors that can affect human resource development, the role and function of human resources needs to be examined.

  • Role of human resources
Quite simply, human resources are responsible for making sure that an organization's human element is maximized for the best possible return. This is done by ensuring that the workforce is suited to the role that is demanded of them, while complying with federal and state laws, as well as those dictated by local labor regulations and laws and business practices that are ethical.

Human resources are also responsible for staff motivation, productivity and commitment.

  • How external factors can affect human resource development
On a very simplistic level, the first thing to consider with human resources is what they are actually dealing with, which of course is humans.  This resource can be unreliable, contrary, and obstructive, so the first thing that can affect human resource development is the actual resource that they are dealing with.

This isn't just an a shop floor level, but can often come from managers who sometimes perceive human resource personnel to be at odds with their objectives; refusing to see that they have a common goal.  Training and development, therefore, needs to be addressed at all levels to make sure that all those instrumental in the running of an organization are reading from the same page.

Human resources have to have a thorough understanding of everything that relates to their particular workforce, for example demographics and expectations so that there is a minimal backlash from dissatisfaction that can impede development.

  • Not all negative
Not all external factors that impact upon human resource development are negative. Legislation and local laws are put in place to protect work forces and these can be utilized by a human resource manger to good effect.

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