How can I become one of Tommy Hilfiger model? If you are going to say something smart then please do not put an answer down thanks.


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You can contact  for application form details today if you wish to break into modelling.
Why Tommy Hilfiger especially?  Do you like their winter collection?  Do you wear some of their range of clothes,especially do you admire their designs more that the other modelling houses?
Why don't you like people to put down smart answers?  Surely you like to see people out wearing their smartest clothes,don't you?
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I don't live in the uk i live in the U.S.A and yes i do like tommy hilfiger clothes i have to start somewhere.
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I guess the best way would be to go to a modeling agency so they can tell you straight up your potential chances of actually being a model. From there on, you may start in small modeling bits and go from there. Being a Tommy Hilfiger model's quite a big goal but I'm sure you could get there. I have a friend who's 16 and he's a Converse model so it's definitely not impossible. Good Luck! :)
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I think you need patience ,everything need work hard to do ,keep on your dream one day it can be true

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