The two classification schemes of managers?


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I would suggest that there are more than two schemes by which to classify management, depending on all sorts of factors including type of company, social theory and context. If this question is related to revision or university work, there may well be two specific schools of thought which have been discussed and which you are expected to focus on. If not, I would suggest that there is no one answer to this question.

One of the most common classifications is that which breaks down the management structure into the following: First line managers, middle managers and top managers. This structure is thought to be easily understood (particularly by other staff in the company) and will be least likely to cause confusion about power levels.

Simply speaking, first line managers are those who directly manage the work on non - managerial workers. They are generally based in the office alongside general staff and will deal with the day to day problems such as absence, staff allocation etc.

The middle managers are exactly what they sound like; they are the management level between the first line and top manager. They manage the work of the first line manager and are responsible to the top manager. This level manager more often than not works alongside the top management, rather than in the general office. This level includes area managers.

Finally, the top manager is responsible for all levels of management and staff. He or she is required to finalise all organisation-wide decisions. Their role is to establish plans and goals for the whole company; these will be filtered down through the management layers to reach the front line staff who are responsible for how the company is run at ground level.

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