Define Job Production And Give Examples As To How It Operates?


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Also known as jobbing, this skill called job production deals with one-time production of a specific item. Usually, job production will be commissioned by an employer, for one worker, or a small team of workers, who will then design and produce a custom item that is one of a kind.

One example of job production would be sculptures used in a public place or park. A civic municipality would commission a one-off sculpture to be designed by a renowned artist. Then, if the artist agreed and signed the contract, he or she would receive an advance against expenses, and then job production would formally begin. The sculptor would create a piece and install it in a public space, and the job would be completed.

Job Production Is Usually Technical

• Often, job production is found in technical fields, where custom machinery or designs are fabricated according to computer-generated drawings, known as schematics. Often, such drawings are produced with AUTOCAD software. Sometimes, small grouping of products will be produced, rather than one-time items that are individual.

• Businesses choose the job production business model for specific items that require more attention to detail, technical specifications and high performance. The pros and cons of job production include a higher level of quality of work produced, versus a higher price tag for specialized labor, including the technical design phase of the project (and any resulting follow-up).

Workers who do job productions may have experience as machinists, mechanics, or AUTOCAD artists; however, there is really no type of item that cannot be produced with a traditional job production model. By choosing this specific work format, businesses get premium results and they work in close contact with production workers, who make items according to a range of details and needs.

People who do job production may run their own businesses, and employers will find them when they need new items.

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