In what ways could you use Excel in your life today or in your planned career?


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The possibilities for the application of Excel in any aspect of your life, whether it be professional or personal, are almost endless. There are so many different things you can achieve using this package that you are sure to keep finding them, even after years of use. Here's a brief breakdown of some highlights in both a personal and professional context.


• Keep on top of your finances. Use Excel to generate a weekly, monthly or even annual budget so you can keep on top of your income and outgoings.
• Build a calendar or timetable. Organize your life with a custom-made diary for your family making sure you never miss that credit card payment or your kid's dentist appointment.
• Organize a project or family occasion. If there's a school project that is due or you're planning for your big day, keep on track and ahead of your deadlines by keeping all of your information and contacts in one place.
• Create an all-important list. If you're going on holiday, make a checklist for your packing, or an emergency number database for the babysitter. You could even organize all of your CDs and DVDs.
• Consolidate all of your addresses into one easily manageable and accessible place. Search your database through several criteria; by name, address or even date of birth.


• Create dashboard reports to show your colleagues a brief outline of your project.
• Follow changes in your sales forecasts by using the advanced 'highlighting' tool.
• Use a dashboard to compare and evaluate financial accounts
• Control stock management more easily using the Excel Pivot Table. Keeps tabs on sales on a day-by-day, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.
• Plan all of your shipping schedules with the Pivot Table.
• Automatically merge data with the Vlookup tool. Cuts out hassle and saves so much time.

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