Why are people asking, "Where are the jobs"?


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Because The President's economic policies aren't creating enough jobs.A recent report shows that only 36,000 new jobs were created during an economic cycle where the norm would be 250,000.The USA now has the lowest labour rate participation in almost 25 years, which stands at around 64%.One major setback to jobs creation is the larger corporations are outsourcing their operations overseas for financial purposes.These include generous tax rebates, low wages for the workforce, minimum employee benefits and in some cases start-up fees paid to the corporations for moving there.
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Joseph Michael Wasik
You forgot about the number one reason about all the punitive, anti-business government regulations, here as opposed to the pro-business atmoshere of other countries
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Because no one is hiring and the big corps are shipping jobs over seas.
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Maria Not Telling
Wow thats really harsh because i think u have opinions that have no facts and im 18
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Mr. Watsik: Even some 14-year-olds have a better overall grasp of the economy than you do, because you're biased, and because you are coming out of New Jersey.
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Look for example at Rick Perry's record on creating new jobs for Texan workers,during his time in office as Governor..... It's impressive, to say the least.

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