Debate the pros and cons of food production and management opportunities?


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Food production and management opportunities have both advantages and disadvantages, which must all be considered before pursuing a particular opportunity in the industry.

  • The pros

Some would say that any opportunities are good opportunities. Opportunities allow you to progress or make changes in your life, which could be for the better. For instance, the opportunity may be a new management position in the food production industry. If this is the case, why not turn your part time food production job into a career?

You are sure to earn a higher salary through the promotion. In addition, you will gain new skills and experiences that could lead to other things, even if the management position isn't something you want to continue with for the rest of your working life.

If you have the opportunity to pursue a qualification in food management, this may be worthwhile. Qualifications help you climb the career ladder and a quicker pace; they open new doors as employers view your CV differently. Gaining qualifications may be the key to enhancing your current job position.

  • The cons

However, food management and production opportunities may not be for you. If you are not enthusiastic about the food industry, your time would be better spent working and training elsewhere. There is little point in pursuing a career that does not bring you happiness and satisfaction - even if you will earn a lower salary, do something you enjoy.

Food production qualifications may not be as valuable as they seem. Look at what you need to progress through your career carefully - your future employer may not look favorably on such qualifications. Would it be better to spend your time gaining useful experience?

In all, you must consider your individual goals and circumstances before accepting or rejecting a food management and production opportunity. Most importantly, consider whether the opportunity will lead to your life changing for the better.

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