What is pharmaceutical literature?


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Presumably, pharmaceutical literature includes books, articles and published journals that cover the subject of pharmaceuticals. These pieces of literature will most likely be used by pharmacology students to gain more knowledge in order to pass examinations and obtain a degree so that they can pursue a career is pharmacology.

Pharmaceutical literature is also commonly used by students who wish to become pharmacist assistants, or by people who already have this job. This is because there are always new medicines and drugs being released, so assistants need to be as up to date as possible with any new information.

  • Medical terminology
In order to be successful pharmacy assistants, they will need to have a full and thorough understand of medical terminology. This is because they will need to read prescriptions that have been written by doctors, prescription medicine labels and instructions and different kinds of medical and pharmaceutical literature that is released such as articles and journals.

Medical terminology consists of three things: Suffixes, prefixes and word roots. In order to gain a proper understanding of these components, they should be learned separately and then applied in order to decode whole terms. Short hand writing is commonly used by doctors in prescriptions and medical notes, so it is often important to study these as well.

  • Pharmacy law and ethics
Pharmacy law and ethics is also another good reason why pharmacology students and pharmacy assistants should read pharmaceutical literature, The practice of pharmacy is overseen by particular laws, ethics and rules, just the same as all health sciences. It is necessary for all personnel who work in pharmacy to learn these ethics. These specific rules can be different for each state so it is important to stay up to date. A failure to abide by these rules and laws can often result in legal action.
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As per my knowledge pharmaceutical literature is a database which cover pharmaceutical topics are described & then illustrated with  sample searches. It useful for finding pharmaceutical topics can be grouped into various categories:

1. Databases devoted exclusively to drugs and the pharmacy profession, such as International Pharmaceutical Abstracts, Pharmaceutical News.

2. Databases covering the clinical medicine literature.

3. Scientific databases that include coverage of the pharmaceutical literature, such as BIOSIS Previews, Chem, Scisearch, and NTIS. Databases from each of these groups are discussed.

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