Is it really possible for one man to open up a bar and succeed?


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Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Sure if he wants it bad enough it is. Remember if someone wants something hes willing to take a risk but if he wants it bad enough, then he will risk everything. Just follow your dream and let no man stop you. There is always a way so just find it and do it. Good luck
Moeez Profile
Moeez answered
You really think you want to open a bar, I don't care if it works or not or whatever, but why a bar??? What a bar will provide to you.I wish it oes works but just think and try to invest your money  on some thing useful, something that will not only help  you but others too, after completion of that thing whatever it is, you feel proud of yourself,. People think good about you for doing that, they remember you in good words,. They thank you for what you did.Thats the way the life shouold be and I really don't care what ever you build, but plz, try to get your own heart`s satisfaction so that you feel happy after it.I am sorry if it hurted but seriously, you need to know that. Just telling you this because your my friend and I seriously don't want you to make a wong decision.Hope now you will be sure of your decisions,Live a happy life dear.Hope whatever you build, rockzzz !.
Vin Ravun Profile
Vin Ravun answered
Sure. Why not? You just need to get it running properly.
Lynne Dwyer Profile
Lynne Dwyer answered
If you have experience, know the locale of your choosing, willing to work, hire the right people, and willing to put the profits back in for the first three years? Yes.

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