While Doing An Interview Had My Fingers 'Tented' Together .What Does The Tented Fingers Mean As Regards Body Language ?


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This can be interpreted in two distinct ways. If you were appearing for the interview and had your hands tented together, with your fingers folded in, it would be a sign of anticipation; though it would also signify readiness to listen and submissiveness. It indicates a willingness to play a secondary role in the whole setup. On the other hands an interviewer who has his fingers tented with the finger tips touching each other signifies command over the situation along with a willingness to listen. It is the kind of confident position and pose you would see Michael Corleone take while heading a meeting of the family. It indicates that the interviewer has more or less made up his mind about the candidate and that either his brains or signature will be on the contract.
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Very good answer ,i was being interviewed , my fingers were touching each other with my legs wide open :)) ,a strange sight i'm sure.Thinking about the tented fingers thing ,i went "oh my God ,i hope i'm not turning into Montgomery Burns ".I searched the net high and low for an answer with no joy .( By the way ,i didn't get the job ,i was expecting a tough interview as to whether i was of the right character for the job but i hadn't put as much time and effort into researching the job itself "

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