Money does not buy happiness yet the government wants us to go to college to get a degree and to get a better job for more money... Isn't this hyprocritical?


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I think the way the government looks at it, is you're training for a future where you can be useful to society in a profession or career that is beneficial.Instead of being on Welfare, having no job and relying on the government for Social Security.
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Actually it is not dumb at all. They could care less about your happiness. If you get an education you will get a better job. If you get a better job you will make more money. If you make more money you will purchase and consume more products making the economy stronger. Which in turn means more tax's. More tax's means more pork belly projects and more bribes from Lobbyists. Which means more money in politicians Swiss and Cayman Islands bank accounts. So you see it has nothing to do with money buying YOU happiness. It is all about their bank accounts. If you think politicians live off of their salaries you are sadly mistaken.
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Who said they wanted you to be happy?
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Ugh. That is not what I meant lol.. I mean we can end up using the government as an advantage.

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