When a country recognizes that it is in decline, then we can have a rational dialogue. Denial does not count. Are most of our national as well as our state leaders in denial?


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Of course Capitol Hill is in denial as the 30% who approve of Obama are still drinking the Socialist Kool-Aid.Record deficit, unemployment and interest rates, coupled with record outsourcing and the Triple A credit downgrade points to an epic fail by Obama, yet no-one is standing up and taking retrogressive action or even formulating new plans.While burying his head in the sand hoping it will go away, does not guarantee Obama re-election next year.
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Think our leaders need to wake up when it comes to their not the only one's in this world that needs income it's also the people out there who need financial support. The more we don't know about getting our own economy back where it should be the more things will continue to go down.
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Youre right but why should our leaders be in denial when they still get a full paycheck and have kept all their perks as well so maybe they just don't see the forest for the trees

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