Is the hijab part of U.S. Military dress code?


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No they are not part of the US military dress code however many women choose to wear them in the Middle Eastern countries when working with other women and off the military base this simply shows respect for their culture and their religion it makes it easier for the women and the children of a village to accept the military but woman can choose to not wear them
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I think it's closer than most americans think.
Maria Not Telling
So what's wrong that I mean just because they're in the military doesn't mean they should have to give up their religious freedoms it's not like the going to be any less loyal to the United States after wearing a headdress or not agreed just because they are of a different religion doesn't mean they should be allowed in the military and family that had just isn't that a change how they fight or how loyal they are there still a soldier they still go through training so why do you care so much

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