My friend got offended when an old lady said she is too short to be a flight attendant and a nurse.. But is this true? You can not be short to be either one?


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No there is no height limit on being a nurse or a flight attendant even if you are 2 feet tall you can still do it it may be challenging especially being a nurse said you have to lift patients. It can be done
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Unless she was 2 feet tall then I highly doubt that she is "too short"! I would not even mind if she were 2 feet tall. I think she could be to short to drive a car or plane ect but not a nurse.
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Kitty  M
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Haha how tall is she? That is discrimination on the old ladies part. Poor old lady does not know what she talks about! Heheh
Maxine Chan
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Haha my friend is 5 ft 3 in tall.
Kitty  M
Kitty M commented
I am shorter then she is!!! Haha to short. LOL

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