This girl always talks about how she thinks I'm cute and how much she wants my phone number, but when I talk to her, she makes it sound like we're in the friend zone. Does she really like me or am I assuming too much?


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Arthur Wright answered
Youre definitely reading way too much here into this my friend so slow it down a bit and just be friends for now and take it slow and let things happen as they may here. Good luck
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Jesse Smith
Jesse Smith commented
I know I know, I'm just really worried she doesn't like me, because I really like her. Thanks for the answer.
Arthur Wright
Arthur Wright commented
Just take it slow and go for being friends for now and dont push it and youre welcome
Tori Jean
Tori Jean commented
That means she likes you but she's keeping you in the friend zone just to see how things turn out
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Mandy Clark answered
You're thinking too hard. She definitely likes you, but she probably doesn't know you feel the same way. She wants it to look like she's not totally crazy about you and scare you away. *Learned from experience.* You should ask her out to the movies or park or something. :)
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Buzz ross answered
Yes, she does like you that's just her way of flirting. I do the same thing.

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