Why Did Burberry Move Its Factory From Treorchy, South Wales, Abroad?


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Burberry has recently moved its factory from Treorchy, South Wales, due to the fact that it is cheaper for them to work abroad. Many companies are doing the same thing these days and more and more people within the UK are getting angry because of the ethics involved.

Basically it is cheaper for Burberry to move its factory abroad because the people abroad will work for less money. This means that the company makes more profits simply by moving its premises. Whilst it isn't fair to its previous workers who had to lose their job because of the move, in the company's eyes it is in their best interests.

Whether the move is morally right is something which will cause a debate for years to come. It is easy to see what Burberry get out of the deal but it is simply an economy decline as far as Britain is concerned. How many more companies will decide to simply pack up and head abroad leaving their UK workers out in the cold?

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