Is The Police Federation A Sectional Or Promotional Pressure Group?


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The Police Federation of England and Wales has a dual role, operating as both a staff association and a professional body. It is the closest thing the police has to a trades union.

The Police Federation represents the interests of over 139,000 police officers. As a representative body, the Police Federation's membership consists of all police officers up to and including the rank of Chief Inspector.

It was established by the Police Act in 1919, following a strike in London, when almost every constable and sergeant in the Metropolitan Police refused to go on duty.

Today, they are the collective voice of police officers, articulating views on welfare and efficiency to the government and all opinion formers. The Police Federation also negotiates on "all aspects of pay, allowances, hours of duty, annual leave and pensions. It is consulted when police regulations are made, dealing with training, promotion and discipline."
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The police federation on the whole is neither sectional pressure group nor a promotional group. A selection group basically is a group which stands for the familiar interest as well as rights of one meticulous segment of the general public. The primary duties of the police force is to maintain law and order among the public, and should not just implement their authority over a particular unit or segment of the public. Where as a promotional pressure group usually is the one which makes all potential efforts to support a cause and it usually not concerned about the direct benefits and it will ensue to the associates of the group as it is spreading awareness about a particular cause.

The police usually do not get involved with these causes, but it is their primary duty too that the crime rate is lowered in the region which is being administered by them.
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The police federation is neither a sectional pressure group nor a promotional group. A sectional group is one that represents the common interests and rights of a only one particular section of the society. The police force is responsible for maintaining law and order in the society as a whole, and should not merely exercise their authority over a certain group or section of the society.

A promotional pressure group is one that makes all the possible efforts to promote a cause and is not as interested in the direct benefits it will accrue to the members of the group as it is in creating awareness about a cause. The police do not deal with causes, but it is their duty to ensure that the country's crime rate is lowered and anti-social elements are brought to book. However, the police force is an insider pressure group because of its direct dealings with the decision makers of the country, namely the government officials.

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