What Does It Take To Join The S.A.S?


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To join the regular 22nd SAS (special air service regiment) then you have had to have had 3 years previous military experience and then you can apply for sas selection this consists of
Special Forces briefing
this is a week where you are given all the information on what the role of special forces is etc and also very basic tests including the CT combat fitness test this highlights any weaknesses to the candidate so he can improve before initial selection begins
Brecon beacons long marches over the brecon beacons in wales carrying a bergan loaded without basic equipment getting from one spot to another in an allotted time with the load's increasing and distances increasing and time getting shorter this is how it is progressed to the main selection test known as the fan dance
jungle training candidates are paired up with sbs candidates in the jungle training school in borneo where they learn sas SOP and contact drills also first aid and demolition after this test sbs candidates are asked if they want to go with the sas or stay for further training with the sbs
Escape and evasion
wearing nothing more than a ww2 pea coat badly fitting dpm trousers and boots with string for laces candidates must evade a hunter force consisting of other units if they are captured they are taking to tactical questioning or tq which is basically interrogation if a candidate passes this without being captured he must still report for tq
the percentage that survive all of this are badged as member's of 22 sas but are still on probation for a year and can be returned to unit or RTued at any time during continuation training which consists of counter terrorism demolition and other specialities a trooper can specialise in
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You already have to in military for applying for it. Different practices you have to practice daily as jogging and tough load bearing. Try to learn to become more and more clever.

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