Can You Answer This? Beeson Co. Is Experiencing A Decrease In Sales And Operating Income For The Fiscal Year Ending Dec. 31,2008, Julia Faure Controller Of Beeson Co. Has Suggested That All Orders Received Before The End Of The Fiscal Year Be Shipped By Midnight


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By the measure of sales recorded, Julia is doing her job. To the extent that accounting rules are being followed, and no laws or company policies are being violated, she is behaving professionally.

What she is doing may not be in the best interest of the company if the extra overtime worked reduces the profit that would otherwise accrue from the sales.

By measures such as return on investment, company morale, and so on, Julia may not be behaving in a professional manner. It all depends on how Julia's performance is measured.
If I were Julia's boss, I would give her some counseling regarding the wider effects of her actions.

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