How Can I Create A Questionaire For A Delivery Service?


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A questionnaire for service delivery in micro finance institutions
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The objective of a questionnaire is to ask questions of the people regarding their view on the critical aspects of the subject of the questionnaire. If the subject of the questionnaire is a delivery service, the questions in it should be directed at the specific performance of the delivery service regarding the critical elements of delivery. The questionnaire should ask the people about the effectiveness of the delivery service. It should have questions targeted at the various aspects of delivery and the service's performance in these areas. The best way to construct a questionnaire for a delivery service is to ask questions on specific issues and provide different rating options to the person answering the questionnaire. The ratings he gives will give a fair idea of the effectiveness of the delivery service    One of the first questions it should contain is about the speed of delivery that the delivery service is providing. The questionnaire should also contain questions relating to the attitude of the person delivering the goods. Another question it should have is regarding the condition of the materials delivered – were they delivered in the same condition in which the delivery service received them; was there any deterioration/breakage involved? It should have a question on whether the receiver liked the service enough to want to use the delivery service for their delivery requirements. The questionnaire should pay attention to detail, i.e. Ask the user to rate the different trivial things that would help enhance the performance of the delivery service.

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