What Is An Expert System, And How Can It Help Managers Make Decisions?


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Basically Expert system is a software that is used to increase the performance. The reason is that the software is capable enough to work like one or two persons. The common example is a computer program. It can also be considered as a sub field of artificial intelligence in which focus is given on one problem domain.

Now this expert system can give you information about topics like management sciences, BPO, research and system theory. It can give a lot of help in decision making to managers. For example, if an intelligent employee of the company is going to retire in a few days, then company can assign a knowledge engineer to develop an expert system that may contain the expertise of retired person. Now, if the company takes the decision to retire him then company has the advantage of expert system. In other words the expert system clarifies the confusion of the manager by giving logic and reasoning. Moreover, for the same problems the consistent decisions are provided by the expert system. This can help because in business most of the times you face same sort of issues.

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An Expert System is basically a software. It attempts to reproduce the performance of a human being. It is usually used under traditional application of artificial intelligence.

An expert system is very beneficial for the organization as a whole. It provides consistent answers for redundant decisions and tasks. It holds significant levels of information. It encourages organizations to clarify the logic of their decision making.

It helps managers by providing them with appropriate information and helping them in their decision making process.

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