When Did The Jubilee Line On The London Underground Open?


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The Jubilee line was first opened on May 1st 1979, although the line didn't take its present form until the late 90s.

Origins of the Jubilee Line
The Jubilee line actually began life as an extension of the Metropolitan railway and was intended to relieve the pressure of commuter traffic between Wembley Park and Stanmore.

At the time, several proposals were put forward to deal with the issues of railway overcrowding during the 1930s - many involved stations being added to existing underground lines like the Bakerloo line.
In 1939, an extension was built that connected Wembley Park all the way to Stanmore in North London.

The Advent of the Fleet Line. The next progression was the advent of the 'Fleet Line'. Following World War II, there was a major restructuring of the London Underground system and development of stations and lines came in stages due to financial constraints.

The main objective was to relieve pressure on the areas of central London around Green Park and Charing Cross, and this was achieved by expanding the Wembley-Stanmore line to connect it to Baker Street.

This new line was officially opened by the Prince of Wales on 30 April 1979 and was named the 'Fleet Line' for the River Fleet (which it crossed at Ludgate Circus).

The naming of the Jubilee Line The renaming of the 'Fleet Line' to the 'Jubilee Line' was first suggested by Geoffrey Holliman, an advertising executive of the London Transport Association. However, his idea was initially rejected due to the costs involved in renaming the line.

It was eventually a conservative pledge during the Greater London Council elections of the late '70s that pushed through the renaming of the Jubilee Line. The name was intended as a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee, which was taking place the same year.

Incidentally, the grey colour that was chosen to represent the line was original a 'battleship grey'. This colour was selected for its association with the word 'Fleet', but was changed to a lighter, almost silver grey to represent the Queen's silver Jubilee.
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The Jubilee Line on the London Underground system opened in three stages during late 1999, making it the most recent addition to the London Underground. However the line connects a former line to new tunnelling.
The Jubilee Line starts in Stanmore and terminate in Stratford, serving 27 stations such as Wembley Park, West Hampstead, Baker Street, Green Park, Waterloo, London Bridge and Canary Wharf. The entire track is a distance of 22.5 miles.

The line from Stanmore to Baker Street already existed, as it had originally been part of the Bakerloo line. Tunnelling also existed between Baker Street and Charing Cross that could be incorporated into the line. The new tunnelling work began in 1992 between Green Park and Stratford and a new station was opened at Southwark in 1999.

At the present time, in 2007, as many as 405,000 people travel on the Jubilee line on a weekday, with annual figures of approximately 127 million passengers.

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