How Can You Tell If A Teacher Fancies You?


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I have some ideas to answer your question;
stares at you which seems for a very long time
When you see him staring he looks the other direction or smiles back at you.
Laughs with you or teases you
His pupils dilate when he looks at you
He figits when speaking to you
Acts nervous
Blushes, stutters ect.
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no teacher should fancies their pupils. I would not even go down that road. Go to school and learn and educate yourself. And if it so that the teacher does have an interest in you do the right thing and take it to the right people. Do you really need that crap in your life or worse yet do you need to see yourself on the 6:00 news.
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You know it was so strange.  Our daughter was in this teachers class and got along great.  Our son was in the same teachers class and got along terrific.  Our third child was in the same teachers class and she picked on him constantly.  His desk was out of line and she got after him for that, he smiled a lot so I suppose she thought he was up to something but he wasn't.  He had a teacher in high school that told him he smiled to much.  Fancie any of them maybe the first two some but sure not our last one.  This may not be what you were meaning?
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my science teacher keeps ignoring everyone but not me he smiles at me as well and comes over to my table to talk to me do u think i should worry yet or not

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