I Am A Little Fat, What Type Of Fashionable Clothes Should I Wear To Look Slim?


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Kellyn McKnight answered
Black. Black is slimming. Your friends might think you goth though, so where color with it.
Katie Harry Profile
Katie Harry answered
If you’re a little bulky, the first and foremost thing is to avoid stripes which are diagonal or horizontal. Vertical stripes really help in creating a slimming effect. You should avoid clothes that are too baggy or too clingy. It is always better to wear tops with V-necks instead of turtlenecks. You can also use belts which will make you look slim and will also be a fashion statement. Other than that you should try to avoid jeans and trousers that are too tight. Avoid skirts with straight cut. You should also be careful while choosing fabric prints.
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Katey Hurtman answered
Striped shirts always ruin the slimming effect, if you are a bit bulky, no matter, just don't wear those. V-neck shirts that are a bit flowy around the bottom are fashionable and slimming at the same time. Pants that fit you nicely are key, if they are too tight, you'll appear larger than you are. Pants that are too large, just make you look bigger.
Eddie Alcantar Profile
Eddie Alcantar answered
One suggestion would be; never wear stripped shirts, it doesn't matter is it's horizontal or vertical, they make you look fatter. You can always wear what you would consider wearing. There are certain fashion stores where they carry clothing for the plus size population, consider that. In my opinion never buy anything that looks good an a skinny chick...lol you need to discover your own look.
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chen lyfen answered
You should try on the clothes that make you look slim, there are many kind of clothes are not the same type so you have the choice and with the black color as it make you look nice and not fat.

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